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34,15 €
The perfect confidante for your daily life and a good support for small sketches of your favourite trip.This notebook is made with 130 gr plain paper and is suitable for pencil and watercolour drawing. Traditional binding with polyester waxed thread.

22,76 €
Protect your notebook in an original and elegant way with our Moleskine covers in two different sizes.The cover can be reused with each new notebook. The notebook is secured with an elastic band that also serves to close the cover.

21,14 €
Practical case with a lid, designed to store your pencils and pens or thin reading glasses.Consisting of 2 separate pieces that fit together to close the case.

19,51 €
This case stands out for its functionality and versatility. Its design allows you to store small personal objects, such as pencils, pens or sunglasses.The case closes with a leather strap attached to itself.

7,72 €
Small corner bookmark to avoid folding your books or to organize small sets of sheets.A piece that stands out for its simplicity, originality and functionality.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items