Sango is a term taken from Esperanto, a language created to facilitate cultural exchange and communication between different peoples.
Sango means “change”.
These are the ideas that inspired our name - the thought of ​​promoting exchange and sharing between people and looking at "change" as something positive and constant in our lives.

We are a couple of artisans with distinct backgrounds.
We combined our knowledge and our passions to create Sango.


Teresa Ricardo

After completing her training in architecture in 2005, she worked as an architect for several years. Passionate about design and creation, in parallel with her work in architecture, she developed graphic design and creative arts projects. From the moment she started working with leather, she became fascinated by the versatility of this natural material.

André Marques

His love for music from a young age guided his studies in this field. He completed his music education training in 2012.
He has participated in various theatre, music and circus projects, as a musician and actor for several years. Connected to nature, he always devoted part of his time to manual work and skills, including his great passion: leathercraft.