Where are we now and where are we going

Creating Sango represents an integral part of a life project in which we wish to give importance to our work as a key element that helps us to build our family.
In 2015, the birth of our first daughter made us look at the world with new eyes, set new priorities and be more objective about our principles and beliefs. We then began, almost unconsciously, a process of “purging” whereby we eliminated all of the “unnecessary” additions in our life.
We replaced fixed and stable jobs for an occupation that allowed us to spend more time together as a family. A craft in which the relationship between people is more direct.
We appreciate things that are “handmade” and “homemade.” We like to know who does things and we like to make ourselves known.
Sango is part of us and grows with us day by day.
We simplify ourselves... because the most important thing is to live happily and, in truth, happiness is not hidden...