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Travel book Skizo

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The perfect confidante for your daily life and a good support for small sketches of your favourite trip.
This notebook is made with 130 gr plain paper and is suitable for pencil and watercolour drawing.
Traditional binding with polyester waxed thread.

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This product is the result of a 100% handmade process that combines traditional techniques with contemporary design.
Enjoy the quality and durability of this leather piece.

Leather thickness between 1.4mm and 1.8mm.
Hand crafted with eco-friendly beeswax finish.

Dimensions: 11.5cm X 15.5cm (A6)
80 sheets, 160 pages
Hand-cut 130gr paper

Available colors:
Red Acer
Ligth Cognac
Dark Brown

Apply a thin layer of natural coloured wax once a year.
If the leather gets wet, let it dry naturally.